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This section of the site is for any content I feel is interesting or useful enough to share. Below you will find an index of posts in reverse chronological order.


Some outlets for publishing software papers (2017-12-20)
Here are collected a few links to potential publication outlets for statistical software or papers related to software.


Interactive Demo: Autologistic Regression Models (2016-11-14)
Autologistic regression is an extension of logistic regression to cases where the binary responses are not independent (as may arise, for example, in spatial data or data with a graph structure). On this page you can try out different variants of the autologistic model, with different regression scenarios and different parameter values, while watching a Gibbs sampler running. It should be helpful for those wanting a better intuition about this model.
Case study: sample size for estimating multinomial proportions (2016-11-07)
A short consulting report I wrote some time ago, possibly of educational value.
A spreadsheet for understanding ROC curves (2016-10-17)
If you’re trying to learn about ROC curves and you’d like an interactive tool, this might help.
Some links to data sets and data repositories (2016-07-12)
In the present age we are supposedly awash in data, but from the standpoint of someone working on statistical methodolgy it can still be hard to find suitable data sets to work with. This post contains a few comments on what data means to an academic statistician, but mainly it collects some links to useful resources.


Sense and separability in logistic regression with biggish data (2015-08-25)
If you have a data set with lots of predictors, you might get that familiar fitted probabilities numerically 0 or 1 occurred warning, and you might end up with inflated coefficients. I’ll discuss how to diagnose what’s going on.
How I made this website (2015-04-02)
A brief overview of the tools I used to make this website. Could be of value to someone looking to make a simple static personal web page such as this one.