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Mark Wolters

Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D. (statistics), University of Western Ontario, 2012. Thesis: Methods for Shape-Constrained Kernel Density Estimation. Advisor: John Braun.

M.Sc. (statistics), Simon Fraser University, 2007. Thesis: Using Oversized Models to Find Active Variables in Screening Experiments. Advisor: Derek Bingham.

B.A.Sc. (metals and materials engineering), University of British Columbia, 1996.


Research faculty (青年研究人员), Shanghai Center for Mathematical Sciences, Sept. 2014–present.

Postdoctoral fellow, Department of Statistics, University of Western Ontario, 2012–2014. Advisor: Charmaine Dean.

Product development engineer, Ballard Power Systems, 1998–2004.

Research engineer, Department of Metals and Materials Engineering, University of British Columbia, 1996–1998.


Graduate Thesis Research Award, University of Western Ontario, 2011 (departmental award).

Canada Graduate Scholarship D, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, 2009–2010 (national award).

Ontario Graduate Scholarship, 2008, 2009 (provincial award).

Best Student Poster Award, Statistical Society of Canada meetings, 2009. See the poster.

Graduate Fellowship Award, Simon Fraser University, 2006 (departmental award).

Ellis R. Ott Scholarship in Applied Statistics, American Society for Quality Statistics Division, 2006 (international award, U.S. and Canada).

Industrial Postgraduate Scholarship 1, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, 2004–2005 (national award).


Math 630144 (Case Studies in Applied Statistics), Fudan University, fall 2016.

Math 130119.01 (Statistical Inference), Fudan University, spring 2015, 2016.

Statistical Science 1023A (Statistical Concepts), University of Western Ontario, fall 2009.

Statistical Science 2024A (Introduction to Statistics), University of Western Ontario, fall 2008 (13 lectures).

Statistics Primer for Engineers (one-day course at Ballard Power Systems), 2003.


Referee, Computational Statistics and Data Analysis.

Referee, Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics (twice).

Coordinator, UBC-SFU joint statistics student seminars (two one-day conferences), May and November 2005.


Member, Statistical Society of Canada, 2009–present.

Member, Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia (P.Eng. designation), 2004–2014.

Certified Reliability Engineer, American Society for Quality, 2001–2007.


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Invited Talks

“The Worst Referee Report Ever,” Workshop on Statistical Research in the Era of Big Data, 2018-08-03, University of British Columbia. Slides here.

“Better Autologistic Regression,” 3rd International Chinese Statistical Association Canada Chapter Symposium, Vancouver, 2017-08-19. Slides here.

“An Autologistic Regression Model for Binary Classification of Hypersepectral Remote Sensing Imagery,” slides here

“Autologistic Regression Models, with Application to Segmentation of Hyperspectral Satellite Imagery,” Institute of Natural Sciences, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 2015-11-27. Slides here

“Parameter Estimation in Autologistic Regression Models for Detection of Smoke in Satellite Images,” 43rd Annual Meeting of the Statistical Society of Canada, Halifax, 2015-06-15 (with Charmaine Dean). Slides here.

“Detection of Smoke in Satellite Images,” 24th Annual Conference of the International Environmetrics Society, Guangzhou, China, 2014-12-15. Slides here.

“Detection of Smoke in Satellite Images Using Autologistic Regression,” Department of Statistics and Finance, University of Science and Technology of China, 2014-04-25. Slides here.

“Simulated Annealing Model Search (SAMS) for Subset Selection in Screening Experiments,” American Society for Quality Fall Technical Conference, Kansas City, USA, 2011-10-14 (this talk was delivered by Derek Bingham). Slides here.

Other Presentations

scdensity: an R Package for Shape-Constrained Kernel Density Estimation,” poster presentation, Joint Statistical Meetings, 2018, Vancouver. Download it.

“A New Class of Shape Constraints for Probability Density Estimates,” International Chinese Statistical Association meeting, Shanghai, 2016-12-19. Slides here

“On Coding and Centering in the Autologistic Regression Model,” Institute for Mathematical Statistics—Asia Pacific Rim Meeting, Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2016-06-30. Slides here

“Using a Linear Combination of Adjustments to Enforce Shape Constraints on a Density Estimate,” Statistical Society of Canada Meetings, 2010.

“Optimization Heuristics for Unimodal Kernel Density Estimation by Data Sharpening,” poster presentation, Statisical Society of Canada annual meeting, 2009. Doanload it.

“Impact of Large Internal Transfers on Fuel Cell Stacks: Results of Unit Cell Flow Modelling,” presentation of summer research project, Ballard Power Systems, 2006.

“Overfitting and Selection Bias in Model Selection,” UBC-SFU joint student seminar, University of British Columbia, 2006. Slides here.

“Impact of Internal Transfer Location and Growth on Reliability and Safety for Stacks Without Cell Voltage Monitoring,” presentation of summer research project, Ballard Power Systems, 2005.